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The Green Build Project at Lindbergh Field is Half Way Complete

By Mike in April 2012|Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

The Green Build Project at Lindbergh Field is Half Way CompleteAs many of you know…improvements are being made to Lindbergh’s International Airport in Downtown San Diego. The article, Airport’s Green Build Reaches Halfway Point, posted by the San Diego Business Journal outlines the progress being made and the overall goal of the project. According to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, Lindbergh Field’s $1 billion Green Build improvement project is about halfway to completion. The project’s aim is to add 10 gates to Terminal 2 and a new dual roadway for easier access.

Currently, construction crews are building the roadway system by building dual bridges that will connect the terminal to the curb pavilions as well as the concrete decks. The upgrades to these areas will also allow passengers to remotely check their bags in before they even set foot in the terminal. Apart from the outdoor construction, storage areas, bathrooms, waiting areas, as well as a concession area called Sunset Cove are all being built inside. Not only will this project improve the current airport, but it has created many jobs for Downtown San Diego residents. At its highest point, the project will employ about one thousand workers. ')}