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The Port of San Diego Celebrates 50 Year Anniversary

By Mike in December 2012|Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|Video with 0 Comments

The Port of San Diego has reached its 50 year anniversary as the agency in 1962 was created by the state legislature. The port is in charge of the environmental steward of 6,000 acres around the San Diego Bay and Downtown San Diego (Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, National City and San Diego) to create community service and public safety to all residents and tourism including Downtown San Diego Condo and Downtown San Diego Loft home owners.  There are 11 ports in California and the San Diego Port is the fourth largest.

Half of the acres they represent are half water, half land and about 40 percent is under the jurisdiction of federal government including the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard. There are two marine cargo terminals included in their responsibilities, the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal as well as the National City Marine Terminal. The port has its own Harbor Police Department that includes the Marine Fire fighting service. They serve about 600 tenants and subtenants including hotels, restaurants, marina, sport-fishing landings, mom and pops ice cream shops and shipbuilders. Not to mention more than 250 acres of public parks. Since the agency was established in 1962, more than 1.7 billion has been invested in public improvement projects.

To read more about the port click on The Port of San Diego. ')}