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Then and Now: the tale of Fahrenheit

By Pete in August 2008|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


In September of 2004 the East Villages’ own Fahrenheit was featured on the cover of a CNN Money article online. It wrote about the gentrification of downtown areas across the country and how it is a good thing. Something you rarely hear in the news today. Gentrification is often associated with a negative tone and that is not the case. Taking a blighted area and turning it into a family neighborhood is a great thing.

When the article was written, the spot where Fahrenheit now sits and thrives was only dirt. It has become one of the more popular buildings for loft living in the East Village of Downtown San Diego and is also an Orchid winner, an award given by the public. It has been seen on the CW’s Fashion House, a telenovella style night time soap starring Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild. It has also been featured in numerous car commercials as the backdrop for the cool urban vibe in the ad. The shopkeeper loft units along 10th avenue now feature the hip urban botique salon, Flirt, 1st degree tanning salon and Mondo Gelato. Mondo Gelato is also home to live music every thursday night for all ages that showcases local musicians.

As of this posting there have been 5 babies born with one on the way in less than a month. The families are growing and thriving and the playground at Petco Park’s “park at the park” is getting a lot of use! So from the time of the CNN Money article until now, I would say that Fahrenehit has defintiely lived up to its billing of being a “hot ‘hood”.