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Tired of the Sounds of Train Horns?

The construction is about to start at the end of August 2010 for the minimization of train horns in Downtown San Diego. The project is now waiting for a pending 30 day period to ensure that the ordinance approving construction and maintenance contracts is not derailed by public referendum. CCDC is the agency overseeing the project. If the proposal passes the public test, contractors will be able to obtain permits after Aug 13th and begin procuring equipment.

Contractors will be working with railway authorities to minimize the potential impact to those who ride the trains and trolleys. Most of the work will be conducted between the hours of 2am and 4 am. This project is a 15 month endeavor and will involve spending an estimated $17.9 million on enhanced safety measures at 13 intersections along the railway from Laurel Street to Park Boulevard.