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Update – New Charger Stadium in Downtown San Diego

By Mike in August 2011|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Update - New Charger Stadium in Downtown San Diego

In the last several days Mayor of San Diego Jerry Sanders has been on a road trip to Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Denver. You might ask yourself….”what for?”

Well not that long ago there was a plan to build the San Diego Chargers new football stadium in Downtown San Diego and it has caused quite a bit a controversy. So Mayor Sanders has been on a fact finding road trip to these areas with relatively new sports facilities to try and solve some problems that Downtown San Diego Condo & loft home owerns and residents are having with the proposed plan.

I think he has been finding out some interesting facts both good and bad supporting the new Chargers stadium. I like the idea and I also think that bringing the new stadium to Downtown would help property values go back up. Just think about having 2 professional teams playing almost all year round within walking distance from your Condo or Loft. ')}