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Want to Play the Credit Scoring Game?

Do you want to be able to control and raise your FICO score so you can better qualify for your purchase of a Downtown San Diego Condo or Loft?

FICO scoring is like a game and the consumer controls 1/3 of that game. 30% of the credit score is determined by the total amount of revolving credit such as credit cards and department store cards that the consumer has.

For example; if you have a credit card with a $5,000 limit and you owe $4,800 against it, your credit score will go down. If you only owned $1,500 against the $5,000 limit your credit score will increase dramatically.

You will be amazed on how the credit score will change up or down with just controlling the amount that you charge against your credit card. Remember you are the one who controls that number.

Review more tips for improving your FICO credit score and contact 92101 Urban Living today to begin locating your new home in Downtown San Diego.

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