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Ahhhh, a walkable lifestyle. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than avoiding my car in favor of using my feet. Living in downtown San Diego nurtures this habit, and we have high Walk Scores to prove it. Hoofing it to shops, restaurants and grocery stores is not only beneficial to the environment but our waistlines as well (statistics say those of us who live in neighborhoods considered ”walkable” weigh less…nice). So just what is it that makes a downtown San Diego loft or condo’s neighborhood score high marks a ”walkable”?

Consideration for scoring is based on a city’s center (main street or public space), people (lots needed for businesses and public transit), mixed income/mixed use, parks, pedestrian design, schools, workplaces along with streets completed for bikes, pedestrians and transit. Stir these all together and you’ve earned a Walk Score.

What can you walk to living in downtown San Diego? Check out how these downtown San Diego real estate developments and neighborhoods scored on walkability (scores based out of 100). Then open the score link and feast your eyes on your walk-worthy lifestyle.

M2i/East Village~94 Walker’s Paradise

The Grande/Columbia District~88 Very Walkable

Trellis/Gaslamp~97 Walker’s Paradise

La Vita/Little Italy~91 Walker’s Paradise

Pinnacle/Marina~92 Walker’s Paradise

Harbor View/Banker’s Hill~68 Somewhat Walkable

Solara Lofts/Cortez Hill~92 Walker’s Paradise