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Why use us???

By Pete in Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments


In this modern age of technology and having access to pretty much everything from the internet it would make sense that you could do everything yourself, right?

Let’s just see… when we talk about purchasing things, it is usually reserved for higher priced items that take some weighing and considering. As in a top of the line car, boat or especially a home. You really wouldn’t refer to a loaf of bread as a purchase. That would be something you go buy or pick up on the way home. You really need no consulting in this area unless you are me and need to make sure I’m picking up all the right stuff for my wife and family. I digress… the point being that it doesn’t take a consultant or professional pair of eyes to help with day to day things like groceries, clothing and toiletries.

However, when making a purchase i.e. the largest investment of your life and one you may only make one to three times in your life it may be wise to have a team of eyes to assist you. Not so much to tell you HOW to spend your money or WHERE to spend your money but to make sure that WHEN you spend your hard earned money, you’ve exhausted all options. Asked all questions. Reviewed all paperwork and fine print. The things we do all the time.

Now, why to use us. We do this day in and day out. We see purchase agreements of all kinds, know where to find the fine print, know how to insure the proper protective contingencies are there and which little boxes to check to give extra protection to you, our cherished client. A lot of places will tell you that “you will be fine on your own and do not need any help, you can’t change the language anyway plus they are going to give you big incentives”. I hear about this a lot from people. Do yourself a favor and consult us before making the biggest decision of your life. You may find something better or may find out how to get more. It can only benefit you. We are here to protect you and look out for your best interest, not the transaction.

Food for thought.