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2008 Capital Improvements Program’s Plans and Budget

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The Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget sustains construction projects, such as the ‘development of park land, the construction of sewer pump plants, the acquisition of land for City use, the installation of traffic signals or street lighting systems, and the construction and remodeling of City facilcip-budget.jpgities. These funds are derived from various sources, including sewer and water fees, a one half-cent local sales tax for transportation improvements (TransNet), development impact fees, and State and federal grants.
This years Annual CIP Budget is $491.6 million, an increase of $197.9 from the Fiscal Year 2007 Annual CIP Budget.

Lets have an overview of the Fiscal Year 2008 Annual CIP Budget

The following chart shows (#s in millions) the total Fiscal Year 2008 Annual CIP Budget by department. Water and sewer projects account for 50.1 percent of the budget while Park and Recreation projects account for 6.2 percent of the total.

The Departments Fiscal Year 2008 CIP Budget is primarily focused on the
continued funding of the upgrade and expansion of the water system.
• The departments CIP budget ensures a reliable water supply and includes projects contained in the Compliance Order from the California Department of Health Services.
• These projects will meet the requirements of the federal Safe Drinking Act and ensure the needed rehabilitation of aging infrastructure.
The following are major projects for Fiscal Year 2008:
• $31.2 million for water main replacements
• $13.2 million for Alvarado Water Treatment Plant Expansion
• $44.6 million for Miramar Water Treatment Plant
• $3.9 million for security upgrades
• $5.8 million for Rancho Peñasquitos Pump Station
• $19.2 million for Otay Water Treatment Plant

Engineering and Capital Projects
Budget is $129.1 million. CIP budget include:
• $1.7 million for improvements to the Palm Avenue/Interstate 805 Interchange
• $4.5 million for Carroll Canyon Road – Sorrento Valley Road to Scranton Road
• $4.5 million for Division Street – Interstate 5 to 43rd Street

Metropolitan Wastewater
• Budget is $100.7 million.
The major projects for Fiscal Year 2008 include:
• $42.4 million for pipeline repair, replacement, and rehabilitation
• $18.6 million for replacement of trunk sewers
• $19.8 million for repair and upgrade of pump stations
• $7.6 million for repair and upgrade of treatment plants

General Services
• Budget is $19.3 million.
• $10.0 million for ADA improvements
• $5.3 million for City facilities improvements, such as roof replacements, air conditioning and heating upgrades and replacements.
• The remaining budget is programmed for streets and drainage improvements.

2008 Capital Improvements Program’s Plans and Budget Park and Recreation
• Budget is $32.1 million.
• Park and recreation projects are funded by a variety of sources, including Facilities Benefit Assessment Fees, Park Development Fees, Development Impact Fees, State and federal grants, and City funds.
• Projects for Fiscal Year 2008 include:
1. play area upgrades
2. joint use fields
3. roof reconstruction
4. accessibility improvements
5. comfort stations
6. picnic shelters
7. Balboa Park and Mission Bay Park improvements
8. sports field and security lighting
9. new park development

2008 Capital Improvements Program’s Plans and Budget Library
• Budget is $8.2 million, all of which is designated for the Main Library. Check out our previous blog on the New Main Library

City Planning and Community Investments
• Budget is $3.2 million.
• Downtown parking projects account for $1.5 million.
• Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) fund $1.7 million for the removal of architectural barriers that bar access for the disabled, such as sidewalk curbs and certain doorways.

Environmental Services
• Budget is $5.8 million. Overall, this budget has
• Decreased $634,000 from Fiscal Year 2007.= The net decrease is related to a decrease of $2.0 million in the West Miramar Phase II project due to the anticipated completion of the last module at the Miramar Landfill
• An increase of $916,000 in the Underground Hazardous Materials Storage Tanks project
• An increase of $450,000 in the Citywide Energy Improvements project.

San Diego Fire-Rescue
• Budget is $4.5 million
• Projects funded in Fiscal Year 2008 include:
1. $4.0 million for Fire Station 47
2. $446,202 for a new fire station that will serve the Otay Mesa and Otay Mesa/Nestor communities
3. The Fire and Life Safety Services Facility Improvement Program: The remaining project costs are currently estimated at $92.0 million, of which $61.0 million is for fire projects and $31.0 million is for lifeguard projects.

Read Mayor Jerry Sander’s message on the proposed budget.

*Information came from the City of San Diego’s website*