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A day at the park… Petco Park

By Pete in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


Today my wife and I took our six year old to ride her bike at Petco Park. As usual, she did a couple of loops between the trees and then made a bee-line to the playground. We followed her, pushing our newborn in her stroller. What was different about this day, and pretty awesome as well, was that there were already three little kids playing there. As she joined in on the fun, more and more kids began showing up to play. Four years ago you wouldn’t have seen this. It was not much of a family place. Now, Amid all the loft buildings of downtown San Diego in the East Village there are children everywhere you look, newborns to preteen agers. A once desolate environment is slowly converting to a more family friendly environment! Don’t miss out on this beautiful Rennaissance