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Ballpark Neighborhood Abuzz with Buzzed Grass

By Pete in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


The Curtain Rises again at downtown’s Balboa Theatre






I don’t know why the title of this piece, please don’t ask. For a moment I thought I was being creative, anyway, walking with my wife and baby girl, Kaia this morning and we cruised on through the Park at the Park. It was awesome. Lots of grounds keepers laying new sod, mowing the older grass and it smelled like baseball!!! I commented to my wife how there is something magic about looking at a baseball field and the stadium around it. I love the way the Western Metals building towers in the outfield and sets it apart from all other stadiums. A really cool view is from the West side of the stadium just short of the Padres store. You can see right into the park at ballfield level. All the way to the right field foul pole. You can see it early in the morning when work is going on. Come down early in the morning and check it out. It is awesome!