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Banker’s Hill Bar & Restaruant

By Mike in October 2010 with 0 Comments

img_0559.jpgIf you have not made it up to Banker’s Hill Bar and Restaraunt, let me ask you, “Why the heck not?!” Maybe you didn’t know about it (this is considered downtown San Diego, folks), maybe it’s on your list of newer restaraunts to visit (go!), or maybe you’re watching your cash flow (nothing on the menu is over $20). Whatever the reason, you need to let that go and head up the street to Banker’s Hill and experience this place.

The reclaimed wood feel, warehouse windows, outdoor patio with gorgeous succulent art, easy-on-the-ear tunes, twinkling candle light, Crispy BBQ Pork Braised Tacos (delish), Deviled Farmer’s Market Eggs (holy moley), and relaxed, chill vibe creates an environment that is addictive. You will want more.

Located on the corner of 4th and Ivy, the owners of downtown San Diego’s Cafe 222 (in the Marina district) brilliantly designed and devised a restaurant downtown San Diegans (and others, of course) so desperately crave-a cool spot to hang out with friends, drink good wine, eat great food and not pay Gaslamp prices.Well done, Banker’s Hill Bar & Restaurant. So glad you are here. ')}