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Beautifying Our Streets

By Mike in June 2008 with 0 Comments


This week Little Italy becomes the inaugural site in a series of beautification plans for Downtown San Diego. 400 brightly colored planters and hanging baskets began to line India Street. The project is aimed to provide a softer urban feel by adding more color and life to the streetscape. Great urban environments throughout the world feature plants, flowers, and other decorative foliage. It is a way to engage and beautify a city and to connect spaces while enhancing the pedestrian experience, said CCDC president Nancy Graham. San Diego is no doubt a perfect place for these kinds of projects with the year-a-round gorgeous weather and pedestrian friendly atmosphere.
The greenery extends throughout India Street, Ash to Laurel, and sections of Kettner Boulevard, Ash, Beech, Cedar, Date and Fir streets. Flower selections were chosen to compliment the unique characteristics of the buildings and storefronts in the neighborhood. This project in Little Italy is to be the beginning of this Downtown beautification process.