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Downtown San Diego…Just A Bunch of Buildings

By Pete in October 2008 with 0 Comments


A person at a get together recently made the comment to me that Downtown San Diego was “just a bunch of buildings”. He said it with a smug look on his face. He went on to say that there weren’t any lights on in the buildings and it’s just a collapsing market with a solution nowhere in sight. When I asked him where he lived in downtown that enabled him to make these keen observations he replied that he lived in North County but came down here one time to go to the Gaslamp.

Just a bunch of buildings. A very interesting point of view. 100% inaccurate but very interesting nonetheless.

Downtown San Diego is not just a bunch of buildings. Downtown San Diego is 7 different neighborhoods, thousands of growing families. Chefs, lawyers, doctors, teachers, artists, musicians, deli owners, cafe owners, corner store owners, hair stylists, designers, realtors, bankers, firefighters, police officers, military of all branches and the list goes on. Buildings don’t make up this work force. People do! People that are part of a community. A community that interacts with each other and looks after each other and takes notice when a neighbor is in need and does something about it.

Andres Pineda is my friend and neighbor. I sold him and his beautiful wife, Naze, their home. They now have an adorable one year old boy named Felix. Why do I mention them? Because over the Summer a horrible accident befell them. Andres became paralyzed. He’s now been in two months of intense rehab. He is wheelchair bound… for now. Click on his name above to read the full story.

Andres is soldiering on with his rehab. The goal is for full recovery. Right now there is limited movement but one movement that is all too apparent is the smile on his face. When he sees his wife, his little boy and the scores of people that came out last night to come to his aid! A fundraiser was held- not in his building- but in his community. It was thoughtfully put together by his neighbors and family and friends. Dozens of items were donated for auction. Dozens of items were donated for raffling and a community of people came together to help out a member of the neighborhood. That is what Downtown San Diego is. It is the people who live next to each other, walk their dogs together, watch each others children together, carpool kids to school together and help out selflessly when the moment arises.

Just a bunch of buildings…

When you move to Downtown San Diego, you’re not moving to a building. You are becoming part of a community. ')}