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Facelift For Downtown San Diego Trolley

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|September 2010 with 0 Comments

Facelift For Downtown San Diego Trolley

The Blue line which run from San Ysidro to Old Town and was a part of the original Trolley system in Downtown San Diego will receive a facelift over the next three years that will cost about $600 million in state, local and federal money.

This line is about 18.8 miles and features older cars that will be phased out. The MTS and its engineering and planning partner SANDAG will start shelling the funds to bring the 40 year old Blue line and the Orange line up to the Green lines standard.

The Trolley Renewal Project will include;

  • Replacing a lot of the 100 year old railroad ties and mismatched rails
  • Replacing over head power lines that keep breaking
  • Installing a fiber optic communication line for security cameras and next train boards
  • Rebuilding all of the stations
  • 57 new low floor cars

For more information visit Trolley Renewal Project. ')}