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Fat City/Top’s Building in need of a facelift…

By Mike in August 2011|Video with 0 Comments


Fat City/Top’s Building has been a part of Downtown San Diego’s heritage for many years, but the building has become old and in need of a reconstruction to keep this heritage going. SOHO (Save Our Heritage Organization) representatives, architect Jonathan Segal, and GLJ developer Luke Daniels have came up with and alternative design agreement that will preserve the historical landmark to the original 1941 Top’s appearance.

The plan is to create the Fat City Lofts, this plan includes a 232 unit apartment complex along with retail space that incorporates original and reconstructed portions of the Top’s building.

Downtown San Diego Condo and Loft home owners along with board members have been debating the plan because it could take away the historic designation of the building if the plan is not executed exactly right. Architects and developers are certain that this will not be an issue and they welcome that designation take place only after the successful completion of the plan. This topic is up for discussion in the September meeting and if the plan sticks, construction could start by the end of this year and the parties will seek designation from the HRB (Historical Resources Board) upon completion of the project.

For more information visit the San Diego Union Tribune’s article Top’s/Fat City historic designation in doubt