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Fireworks over San Diego Bay 2009 in Downtown San Diego Has Been Cancelled!

By Mike in December 2009 with 0 Comments

Fireworks over San Diego Bay 2009 Has Been Cancelled! The annual 20 year traditional firework celebration 2009/2010 will not happen this New Year in Downtown San Diego!

An environmental group is threatening to sue to make sure the organizer have the proper right permits. The Port of San Diego Tenants Association usually helps with funding the celebration but this year decided to cancel the show.

The victims are not only Downtown San Diego Condo and Downtown San Diego Loft home owners, residents and visitors but also local businesses. There might be as much as thousands of dollars being lost as the result of people not coming down to Downtown San Diego to watch the show.

The Port of San Diego’s spokesperson said the association president told him they felt uncomfortable putting on the New Year’s Eve show without the proper permits and the threat of a lawsuit.

The Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation says it doesn’t want to shut down the fireworks show, it just wants the port to get the permits so the fireworks shows are legal and safe for the environment.

The port argues there’s not enough time to file the permits before New Year’s Eve.

Best residential viewing spots overlooking the San Diego Bay would usually be from Harbor Club, Horizons, Pinnacle, The Meridian, City Front Terrace, Park Place, Electra, and The Grande. This year, residents and visitors will need to find some other traditional celebration for New Years Eve. More information about each of these residential communities in the Marina District and the Columbia District as well as what is for sale in them can be found at www.92101urbanliving.com.

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