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Free Your Mind

By Mike in June 2008 with 0 Comments


Living in the city is a blast. There is never a dull moment between Padre Games, nightlife and the constant movement that an urban life provides. Between work and city play many of us city-dwellers may find it necessary for some R-and-R. Yoga is a great way to slow down, stretch our work-day stagnant muscles and clear the mind. But man, Yoga can become costly, $25 per class for many studios, and that adds up when you want a daily fix. Meditation is also a great way to become focused and clear, often a challenge in busy city life, but where and how? Tucked right on the edge of the Gaslamp Quarter and Marina District is a secret place that wont be secret for long.
The Red Lotus Society is a non-profit organization founded to ‘promote the practice and awareness of meditation for the improvement of mental health and environmental wellbeing. They are dedicated to ‘facilitating instruction in the variety of ancient and modern meditation techniques to combat the stress and pressure of modern living, and to encourage more mindful approaches to the social and environmental problems facing the world today.

They just opened in a new location at 540 3rd Avenue in downtown San Diego. Every morning they offer free.yes, free Yoga classes and meditation, as well as many other mindful and mind-clearing activities. Check out their schedule below.

The Red Lotus Society has numerous outreach programs and even family meditation classes.

They promote the practice and awareness of meditation through Outreach Programs, offering Free Meditation/Yoga Classes at San Diego Public and Private Schools (K-12), San Diego State University, Group Homes for victims of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking, Local Businesses, and Prisons.

This is a great organization, really involved in the growth of our community, I recommend checking them out. Visit their website and read about what their mission is, more about their free classes and how you can help. They are also in the process of completing a tea room and library, a sanctuary in the city, so -to- say.