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“Green Machines” are Making Downtown San Diego Spotless…

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|February 2011 with 0 Comments

Green Machines are Making Downtown San Diego Spotless.

Are you wondering about who actually cleans and sweeps our streets in Downtown San Diego?

Well…we have an awesome crew who calls themselves the Maintenance Ambassador Team that is a part of the Clean and Safe Program. In March of 2010…the Green Machines was introduced as new equipment. The Green Machine is a walk behind combination vacuum and sweeper, which our Maintenance Ambassador team have used on Downtown sidewalks with greater efficiency and speed compared to manual sweeping. The team covered more area in less time with reduced dump cycles because the Green Machine compacts waste down to 33% of its original size. Another benefit is that the Maintenance Ambassadors are able to use this equipment at night without disturbing Downtown San Diego Condo and Loft residents because the Green Machine runs with less noise and on less fuel thanks to its diesel engine. The Green Machine is versatile, providing great maneuverability around obstacles, and durable with tested construction and proven design, both of which are crucial features considering the varied sidewalk surfaces Downtown.

The Clean & Safe Program, which was introduced in 2000, is the main reason Downtown San Diego is this clean and safe. The program compromises two components; Maintenance Ambassador and Safety Ambassador. These two are working together as the Clean & Safe team; the individuals are committed to keeping Downtown San Diego clean, safe and friendly. The service area covers 272 blocks of Downtown and includes:

  • Columbia District
  • Core District
  • Marina District
  • Gaslamp District
  • East Village/Ballpark District
  • Cortez Hill District

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