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“Hotel Indigo” – Invests in Local Art Scene in Downtown San Diego!

By Mike in November 2009 with 0 Comments

Hotel Indigo - Invests in Local Art Scene in Downtown San Diego!


To serve as the Brand’s West Coast flagship at Hotel Indigo, the one of a kind external glass sculpture by Lisa Schirmer is to decorate the Downtown San Diego skyline.

Hotel Indigo located in the Gaslamp District has demonstrated its commitment to San Diego and invested over $300,000 in local art and is taking the hotel art to a new level.

Indigo Waters, the 40-foot exterior wall sculpture made up of 33 hand-painted, laminated and tempered blue-colored glass panels is positioned on the western facade of the hotel between the 9th and 12th floors.

Chris Jones, general manager of Downtown San Diego Hotel Indigo said Designed to mimic the waves and ripples of the Pacific Ocean when the sun hits the glass, our ‘Indigo Waters sculpture will be a bright spot in the San Diego skyline and a visible moniker of our commitment to the local community’ and Our dedication to the arts will continue well into the future as we plan to host art shows and other soirées to spotlight local artists, musicians and causes that align with the Hotel Indigo brand.

Using locally inspired art and working with a talented team of local artisit, photographers and designers hotel Hotel Indigo has caputered the vibrant character and inviting coastal culture of the San Diego region.

The idea behind the sculpture is to create a wavelike pattern of indigo colors by rotating and repeating square and quarter circle shapes on square glass panels, said Schirmer. The glass panels are arranged vertically in a Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13) in seven layers on a curved outside wall of the hotel. As daylight shifts, the glass will create a dramatic mix of color and movement; tasteful back lighting at night will create a new composition of colors.

In addition to the external wall sculpture, Hotel Indigo San Diego commissioned local photographer Ian Cummings to take photos of native plants and water driven imagery, including agaves, echeveria, California poppies, beaches, rivers, lakes and the ocean. These locally reflective images has been artistically applied to create large scale photographic murals that appears in guestrooms, the hotel lobby, Phi Bar and Bistro and public areas.

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