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“It’s a Urban Dog’s Life” Written by Kevin “The Food Dude” Roberts!

By Mike in October 2009 with 0 Comments

Its a Urban Dogs Life Written by Kevin The Food Dude Roberts!Its a Urban Dogs Life Written by Kevin The Food Dude Roberts!Its a Urban Dogs Life Written by Kevin The Food Dude Roberts!92101 Urban Living is fortunate to present a guest blog by the East Village’s own Food Dude…Kevin Roberts. A similar piece will be featured in the next month issue of The Downtown San Diego News. In addition to being a Downtown San Diego Loft owner in the M2i Complex; The Food Dude is executive chef of the successful East Village Tavern and Bowl, author of several cookbooks, and an accomplished TV and Radio Chef Personality seen on The Food Network, and Today Show.

Its a Urban Dogs Life
Written by
Kevin The Food Dude Roberts

I bought a puppy! Not just any puppy. I did my research, months upon months of looking and pondering and thinking, What would be the best dog suited to my urban lifestyle? I would walk down the street doing re-con type missions and seeing what other dogs people had. One guy had a great dane, a horse basically, and all I kept visualizing is coming home to my 1 bedroom apartment and seeing the utter destruction afflicted by that enormous dog. I saw a girl with a Chihuahua. Not sure why it yaps and shakes all the time, but probably not the manliest dog for me. I settled on a French Bulldog.

From what Ive read, they are used to small apartments being from France and all, low maintenance and basically lazy. Now thats my type of dog. I can go to work, travel and still have a life. But what they didnt tell me was the constant crying, shitting and peeing I am now enduring on a constant basis. I call it the trifecta of doom. Then my breeder dropped a bomb-shell on my nomadic world. Stinky, my dogs new name, cant leave the apartment for another 3 weeks until shes had her last Parvo shots. 3 weeks!?! Holy Mackeral, 3 weeks of crying, shitting and peeing. I need a drink.

I got to thinking, are there bars and restaurants or cool shops in Downtown San Diego that are Stinky friendly? A place I can go just hang out and spend quality time with my pet without sitting on the couch all day? Heres what I found:

East Village Tavern & Bowl
930 Market Street & 9th, East Village District
100 foot long patio, come enjoy your favorite drink or game with your pet

The Fleetwood
639 J Street & 7th, Gaslamp District
Enjoy their wrap around patio on the corner with your pet

675 G Street & 7th, Gaslamp District
Enjoy your exotic coffee or tea with your pet

Café 222
222 Island Ave & 2nd, Marina District
Enjoy the best breakfast tamales with your pet

You can go to: www.DogFriendly.com for an extensive list of hotels, parks, beaches, bars and restaurants. ')}