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A stunning break through in the world of San Diego news!

We werent built around an oil field, silver mine or any other such thing that would cause us to board up our windows and abandon our town. I am not kidding. Its true. San Diego is actually a destination city only becoming better with the future development of the waterfront, North Embarcadero and the East Village.

I almost have to laugh every time I hear someone talk about how the proverbial sky is falling. I am not oblivious to the facts. There are record numbers of foreclosures and short sales, prices are in the favor of the buyer and not the seller and the 100% financing plans are all but gone. But. yes, there is always the but. In the midst of all this gloom did anyone notice that on the day the Chargers played Indianapolis in Indiana that Downtown San Diego was in the 70s? It felt warmer with my LT jersey soaking up all that sun outside of the East Village Tavern and Bowl but I digress.

How many times do you walk outside in the winter time and think, man, I need to go back inside and put my flip flops on? Me too, I do the same thing. I get caught up watching t.v. and seeing the Midwest under ten feet of snow and subconsciously think that it applies to me so I will bundle up only to go outside and look like a weirdo with a jacket and a snow hat on. Luckily I have a wife that is not afraid to take a shot at me in this instance and convince to me to change.

Bottom line, San Diego isnt going anywhere but up. Literally, we are almost out of buildable land so all construction will have to go vertical. The communities of the future will be the loft and condo buildings, cities within cities. Very exciting, especially for anyone who plays Sim City. Kind of like that but in real time and no giant robot spiders to bulldoze through the East Village, Gaslamp, Petco Park etc. The time of the vertical communities are upon us. In downtown, there is still a lot to be done and it is still early. Building will continue through 2030 in downtown San Diego and where will you be then? I know where I will be. Ill be hanging out in the East Village of downtown San Diego in my loft. Ill be walking across the street to the Padres games, restaurants and coffee shops. Ill be enjoying live local music and loving the fact that I wont have to get in my car to do that. I hope to run into you along the way.