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Motormouths Beware

By Mike in June 2008 with 0 Comments


Alright, many of us have our ear glued to our cell phones throughout the day, some of our jobs even revolve around it. Seems we can do everything while talking on them. Changing, eating, bathing…but after July 1st, driving is out, well kind of. Many residents across San Diego County are rushing to buy hands-free headsets or speakerphones as the state prepares to take on motormouthed motorists. Starting July 1, drivers must use a hands-free device while talking on a cell phone or risk getting a minimum $97 fine. Motorists younger than 18 will be prohibited from using cell phones entirely, hands-free or otherwise, along with pagers, laptops and text-messaging devices. This should be interesting considering much of that generation seemed to own a cell phone before learning how to ride a bike. The San Diego Police Department plans to give drivers a 30-day grace period starting July 1,but several other agencies, including the CHP, are preparing to issue tickets from Day One. Adult drivers can still dial a phone number by hand, but all talking must be via headset or speaker. Under both new laws, handheld emergency calls can still be made to police, fire or medical authorities. Patrol officers will be allowed to stop motorists just on a phone violation.

Just a friendly reminder:)