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The North Embarcadero Visionary Plan in Downtown San Diego

By Mike in June 2008|Top Ten 92101 Blogs|Video with 0 Comments


embarcadero-plan_t250A couple months back we did a blog on The North Embarcadero Visionary Plan (NVP). This project is so completely instrumental in shaping the face of San Diego, therefore, it is important to have a refresher blog with some updated information. If you are a current San Diego resident, or a potential one, you must check this out. This represents the evolution of Downtown San Diego and in turn values of your urban home.

A major point of this project is to “Green” San Diego’s Bay. The concrete and asphalt that dominate the SD Bay waterfront, under the NVP, will undergo close to $250 million in public improvements. From Lindbergh Field to Seaport Village (1.2 mile stretch) the waterfront will be transformed with shops, cafes, gardens, lawns, paths, palm trees, plaza, art, piers, and a bustling cruise ship terminal. The Port of San Diego, CCDC, and the City of San Diego created to a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) that will provide for the development of a phasing and financing plan, and the completetion of the design and construction for the project. The Port and CCDC will share all costs, and are still identifying potential funding sources. So, check out this video for a comprehensive look at what the plans entails and a brief overview of key areas below the video.

The Point
A lighted sculpture and a wind-turbine sculpture

The Crescent
The pedestrian and bike path will be enhanced with a low curving wall and landscaping

Grape Street Pier and Piazza
Floating docks will be built and a series of staircases and ramps will lead to the water for observing sea life.

The Wharf
Paving along the wharf will have colorful night lighting

The Lawns
Green expanses will be established for recreation or ship viewing, as well a space for civic events.

Tavern on the Bay
Areas of shade will be created with seating a gardens

Market Square at B Street Pier
Sail-like structures will shade pedestrians and cruise ship passengers

Formal Groves
Lush plots of gardens with exotic plants, hedges and movable chairs

The Cove
A Memorial Walk will be created linking existing memorials between the Navy Pier and G Street in a park-like setting. A sycamore forest with paths lined with desert boulders and native plants will be created

Broadway: The Hall
Broadway, downtown San Diego’s main street, will be widened as it nears the water creating a plaza and festival area, as well as a public viewing platform and other improvements to the Broadway Pier.

All information from CCDC and Port of San Diego Websites as well as Union Tribune