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“Petco Park” in The East Village/Ballpark District in Downtown San Diego!

By Mike in February 2010 with 0 Comments

“Petco Park” in The East Village/Ballpark District in Downtown San Diego!
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Every morning as I walk to work in the East Village/Ballpark District I see Downtown San Diego Condo home owners, Downtown San Diego Loft home owners, residents, business owners and visitors stroll through the park, having a picnic, reading a book or just relaxing at the park at Petco Park!

I always wondered how great it must be to have this relaxing, calming place to escape to for your lunch break or just to get away. So, the other day I brought my home made lunch sandwich with ham and cheese, my Arizona Ice Tea and a big green apple with me to enjoy what this park has to offer. As I lay down on my blanket munching on my sandwich I saw three people approaching on two wheelers. I was so impressed to find out that that was one of the guided tours that Petco Park offers.

In the corner of J Street and 9th Avenue many moms with their children find it pleasant to spend an hour or two at the play ground where kids can be kids and moms can have a moment of rest. In the other corner of the park I see a dad and his son practicing baseball together. I mean, how great is just that? As the lunch hour approached I find out that a bunch of construction workers, office workers and others have had the same idea as me, to take a brake and enjoy this wonderful sunny day in Downtown San Diego in the Park.

Petco Park is an amazing architecturally place to visit with its best sight lines in baseball and panoramic views over Downtown San Diego, San Diego Bay, the Pacific Ocean, the sky and much more. Petco Park reflects the Urban San Diego lifestyle that is relaxed yet has a dynamic atmosphere. The park by the park is open every day but closes 4 hr prior to any games. You are more than welcome to bring your dog as long as you have the leach on.

The impressive Downtown San Diego Condo high rise “The Legend” is located right next to the park with the 2 floor roof top with views right into the field of Petco Park where you can watch the game, BBQ and enjoy time with your friends. Want to find out more information about “The Legend” click here.

Just around the corner is Downtown San Diego Condos in Diamond Terrace, Park Terrace and Icon and a short stroll away is Downtown San Diego Loft in M2i, Fahrenheit and Park Loft. To read more about Petco Park and to find out when games are held etc visit their website here.

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