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San Diego Based Company Rewards Their Customers For Eating

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|January 2013 with 0 Comments

As I was dining out this week in Downtown San Diego’s East Village, I saw an advertisement for Mogl. Mogl is a new, San Diego based, app start-up that partners with restaurants and gives its users cash back at the end of each month for joining. The premise behind Mogl is to eliminate the need for coupons or frequent eater cards by downloading the app and attaching your debit/credit cards to it. Your purchases at participating restaurants and eateries are automatically tracked by Mogl and at the end of each month, 10% of your amount spent is deposited right back onto the debit/credit card that you have registered. The Mogl restaurant list has now crossed over 1000 participating restaurants, with over 800 in San Diego County alone.

The best part about Mogl is their commitment to philanthropy. For every $20 spent at participating restaurants, Mogl donates 1 meal to Feeding America, a hunger relief organization to help battle hunger in America. The company recently announced that it had donated 200,000 meals during December alone. Next time that you’re looking for a place to eat in Downtown San Diego, make sure to check out your Mogl app. Not only will you get paid to eat, you’ll be helping out local families in need.


Mogl gives 10% cash-back on restaurant purchases