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San Diego International Airport – is Getting a Facelift

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|January 2011|Video with 0 Comments


A mirror image of the existing terminal at Lindbergh Field will soon be seen by Downtown San Diego Condo & Loft home owners, residents and travelers. The $1 billion expansion will transform the airport to a totally new Terminal 2. The Green Build, as its called, will have 10 new gates and a common area for travelers, a dual-level roadway for arrivals and departing passangers and a curbside check in with its own underground baggage conveyor track.

If you have a chance to stop by to take a look you will see the 1.5 million square foot concrete that has been poured over the 784 support piles in Downtown San Diego. In February…the prefabricated steel will start to come in from Arizona and after a couple of months the skeletal structure should be in place.

To read more about this project visit the San Diego Union Tribune.