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San Diego Restaurant Week

By Mike in June 2008 with 0 Comments


San Diego is packed with a ‘vast arrary of culinary delights’ as many reviewers may say. I live in the heart of it all, surrounded by some of this regions best restaurants, chefs and atmospheres…this can get costly. So the urbanist often has to cut back on the eating-out-every-night-of-the-week routine leaving so many opportunities for good eating behind as more and more restaurants seem to be popping up in our ever growing downtown. So as I walk my streets I mark in my head what steak house or sushi joint I have yet to explore and mark my calendar for San Diego’s Restaurant Week. The date…June 22nd-27th; over 130 of this fine citiy’s best restaurants will be offering a three course gourmet meal…guareenteed not to disappoint…for $30 or $40 dollars per person, depending on the restaurant. This event is highly popular in San Diego and was originally designed to highlight the citys premier dining spots. This year is year number 4…we gladly welcome this event back. You will not need to purchase tickets or any special pass for this event…although, take my advice and make reservations in advance. So visit Restaurant Week’s Official Website where you can search out participating restaurants and view menus…Happy Eating!!