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Scooters, Cupcakes and Roof Top Bars

By Pete in August 2008|Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


Urban Living lends itself to being on the cutting edge of what is new and “in” and hip and cool and every other adjective to describe the latest trend in fashion, food, transportation and nightlife.

I think it was 1984 when I last saw a Vespa. Now I see them everywhere in Downtown San Diego. With a shortage of parking and high gas prices, these two seaters are the perfect vehicle for the urban single or couple. They have become quite the fashion statement as well with people ordering them directly from the maker, the buzz on the street is that there is a waiting list for the little guys.

You can’t walk a block without seeing one of the following: a gelato shop, a frozen yogurt shop and now, cupcakes. Desserts are all the rage and you don’t eat them at the restaurant you just dined in. Not when you’re an urbanite. The etiquette is to eat at the restaurant, then go on a walk back to your neighborhood and pop in to the gelateria for a piccolo cup of Stracciatella and Biscotti hand made on site. The beauty is that you can enjoy a nice meal, go for a walk for 5 or 6 blocks, and reward youself with a nice treat. Some of the new places even have live music performed by local musicians as well. What a great time!

If you are in the mood to show off how great you’re looking now that you’ve been hitting the gym or yoga classes, then there are myriad places to go to at night-or day- to be seen. The Hotel Ivy has fast become the in spot for the Napkin Nights crowd. If you can’t get in there, walk on down to Altitude and if it’s the right night, you can watch the Padre game live as you will be looking into Petco Park. The Hard Rock Hotel has it’s own Intervention every Sunday as well. So don’t forget to do those extra crunches so the cupcake won’t ruin the fit of your bathing suit.