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Tomorrow’s Meeting on New Downtown SD Civic Center

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Just a reminder, tomorrow is the public outreach meeting meant to educate the city residents of the efforts underway and to explore the possibility of redeveloping the Civic Center Complex. Check out the previous blog on Civic Centers. The CCDC’s has selected two finalist developers to compete for the opportunity to partner with the City in the redevelopment of the 4-city block site of the current Civic Center.

Have your say, be involveds, help shape this wonderful city…

‘The outreach meetings will include:

  • Introduction/background of the Civic Center site, its facilities and existing leased space
  • Introduction and presentation by the two finalist development teams
  • Explanation of the current conditions of the existing facilities and costs of rehabilitation
  • Explanation of leased space costs and upcoming lease expirations
  • Possible improvements to the C Street transit corridor
  • Possibility of opening B Street to pedestrian access
  • Potential new private mix of uses that may be constructed on the site
  • Provide opportunity for public comments, suggestions and questions
  • Explanation of next steps in the developer proposal and evaluation process
  • Future opportunities for public review and input ‘

The meeting is tomorrow, March 15th from 10am-11:30am at the Malcom X Library @ 5148 Market Street.

*info. from ccdc.com*