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Urban Discovery Academy

By Pete in October 2008 with 0 Comments


With more and more families popping up in the urban Downtown San Diego neighborhoods of the East Village, Little Italy, Cortez Hill etc. The question comes up- where will kids go to school?

A new option has emerged. The new Urban Discovery Academy is in full session in Downtown San Diego. With small classroom sizes and rigorous education standards it should be a great place for young minds to absorb as much as possible. With a central location just up the hill by Balboa Park it makes it a nominal drive for Downtown residents. There is a possibility it may move to the East Village by next year.

As the mission statement boasts, the Urban Discovery Academy’s goal is to provide a rigorous education designed to develop the whole child as a scholar, athlete, artist and democratic member of society. The Academy will take an active approach in making the parents involved to help better the learning process and to improve communication between school and home. Through the Urban Discovery Academy Parent Organization Committee, the parents will be able to work with the school in maintaining an environment that promotes the values of the mission statement.

The Academy is Kindergarten thru sixth grade and it also features a preschool which accepts 3 year old potty trained children. Preschool anticipates beginning in late September.

The Urban Discovery academy is just one more thing happening in Downtown San Diego that makes it a great place to live and have a family!