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Winter Homeless Tent Moving Again

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments


The temporary homeless shelter, that was planned to be erected on Market Street, in the heart of the East Village and surrounded by highrise loft and condo buildings, is now being moved over to Tailgate Park near Petco Park. The homeless shelter continues to be pushed out of it’s home. Once housed in Barrio Logan, residents complained of the mass increase of people with mental illness and drug and alchohol problems. So now it is brought Downtown…

Homeless Tent

The East village has had a face lift over the past couple years, but still continues to be he home to many of Downtowns half-way homes and other social programs; an interesting dichotomy in that the East Village, once a run down area with mostly old warehouses and a large homeless population, has rapidly grown into a wealthier, trendy, urban area with highrises being erected everywhere you look, not serving the purpose it once did. The problem is that there needs to be something done about the homeless situation, perhaps a permanent place to house them, rather than a tent jumping from one neighborhood to another.

Read more about this current situation in this San Diego channel 10 news report …ARTICLE