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Real Estate Incentives in Downtown San Diego

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Real Estate|Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market Analysis|May 2012 with 0 Comments


Real Estate Incentives in Downtown San DiegoAs a Downtown San Diego Real Estate investor, you should be aware that there might be units on the market where the seller is offering incentives to real estate professionals. While these incentives are supposed to be used to increase the amount of attention given to a particular unit, it may also lead the real estate professional to do something for themselves instead of their client.

In the article “Make Sure Selling Incentives Don’t Break the Rules,” the Daily Real Estate News outline some guidelines regarding incentives. The original idea behind incentives was to offer some kind of reward to real estate professional when it comes to selling a specific home. The rewards range from cars to paid vacations and higher commissions. While this may be good for real estate agents, it could potentially have the agent push you in a certain direction for their own benefit. As a client, it is important to know that your needs always come before anything else. Within real estate, we have a code of ethics that state we cannot take part in what is called self-dealing. If you find that your agent is uncomfortable with these incentives, ask them to negotiate a lower sales price for the amount being offered.

As within any real estate market, if the Downtown San Diego Condo is priced correctly, it will sell. At an accurate price, there will be plenty of buzz for your Downtown San Diego Property and many buyers will be interested in your home. The subsequent competition will only increase the value of your home anyway. It is extremely important to be aware of whether or not your agent is being given an incentive. If the real esate agent is being offered something extra…this is something that would need to be disclosed to the client immediately. ')}