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Part of living in any downtown area is the art! Living in a downtown area is living in the pulse, where ideas gain form. Downtown San Diego does not lack in this aspect and art is celebrated in this fine city. Little Italy hosts a plethora of art events including the famous Art Walk that takes place every Spring (last weekend in April). Stephanie Clair Brenda York Keiko Tanebe
ArtWalk features the art of more than 350 artits of all styles. Every year the caliber of art escalaltes as more and more talented artists enter. Little Italy’s ArtWalk also will include some of San Diego’s top dance companies and musical performers as well as interactive art activities and plenty to do with the kids.

And lets not forget the Gesso Italiano Chalk Painting Event in Little Italy…check it out..

ArtWalk on the Bay is coming back this year as well (September 13th and 14th)

As San Diego changes before our eyes, so will it’s idenity. We should all get out there and support local artists in all genres for they will truly help create Downtowns cerebral landscape.

For more info. on San Diego Art events check out these websites
and Sign on San Diego’s entertainment section