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Ballpark Village and the Hotel

By Pete in April 2008|Downtown San Diego Real Estate with 0 Comments


What has been in the works for a while now seems to be coming to fruition. The ballpark Village, a city within a city. With two 500 ft towers with over 1900 hotel rooms it will be the largest on the West Coast. Also, the extra space for conventions here and at the new Hilton will allow ComicCon to stay here. As it is, they are running out of room for it and it may look to go to LA or Las Vegas. Comic Con is a huge boon to our city and we should be interested in keeping it here.

Some of the complaints were in regards to parking on the streets and future views being lost. I have this to say to that. You are not guaranteed a view or street parking. Most people going to a hotel are being dropped off in a cab. maybe there will be more cabs. This is not a deterrent to values down here. Having improved land only helps.

This city within a city coming in here will be huge for our cities revenues and for San Diego to be competitive with other destination places. For us to thrive we cannot continue to be a sleepy little town. We are growing in all directions here. More businesses are going in and it will take more people being down here to help them thrive. As far as the parking concerns go, get a good pair of walking shoes. Downtown San Diego is not that big and it is easy to walk around. Sure, it is nice to have the convenience of a car. We all love our cars. Try walking a little more. It doesn’t require a parking space.

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