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The fires started on the 21st. The winds only grew in force over the next couple days as the destruction spread and engulfed more homes, businesses, and land. The entire county was blanketed in smoke. On the 23rd everyone here at 92101 Urban Living decided that we couldn’t stand by and continue on with the day without contributing some assistance to our fellow San Diego residents who were effected by these fires. Chad (aka “The Mayor”) went down to Qualcom Stadium at 8:30am and did everything from feeding pets, distributing medical masks, unloading truck loads of supplies, and feeding the evacuees. Mike and I headed to Costco to purchase supplies to donate to shelters. We filled the cart with water, diapers, snacks, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. It was amazing to see all of the San Diegan’s at Costco doing the same. Infact, there were more people buying supplies for others that day than regular shoppers. Groups of construction workers, families, individuals all doing their part; it was great to see a community that really cares. Mike and I headed to Qualcom, sat in traffic for two hours before being informed that they were not accepting anymore supplies. Another car passing by informed us of a new evacution center that opened up, The Rock Church. We headed down there and unloaded our supplies as evacuees filed into the church. With the help of Mikes wife Jenny, we got a list of places that were in need of supplies and went back towards Qualcom to try to spread the word. Mike decided to go car to car and inform the lines of people with supplies waiting to get into Qualcom, places that were in need. He spoke with the security that was guiding the cars and gave them the list of evacuation centers that needed supplies, and the word was spread.

This was a tragic situation. Hundreds lost their homes, I couldn’t imagine how that would be. In these days of tragedy, as the fires spread, so did the sense of charity and good will towards the members of one’s community. San Diego truly does have a unity between the members of the county, and it feels wonderful to be part of a team here that feels a great sense of duty and pride in their community.