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Tips for Making Your Condo More Secure

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Increasing the security of a condo unit does more than just keep out burglars. It also provides peace of mind, and it can boost the overall value of the property. There are plenty of ways for condo owners to increase their home safety. If you want to make your condo in downtown San Diego as secure as possible, follow these tips.

Change to a More Secure Lock

When you move in, you need to change your locks as soon as possible. Even though the former owner is probably not going to steal from you, people tend to be less careful with keys that belong to a building they no longer live in, so keys can fall into the wrong hands easily. The most common method burglars use to break into locks is called key bumping, so look for lock cylinders that are resistant to key bumping.

Install a Security System

Of course one of the first steps to take is looking into home security systems. There are all sorts of great products on the market, so condo security goes far beyond basic sensors that alert you to open doors and windows. Modern security systems often include small cameras that alert you to any motion and give you the chance to check out any potential dangers.

Get Sturdy Doors and Windows

Keep in mind your locks will only be as good as the items they’re installed in. If your windows and doors are flimsy, they may be broken down so quickly that locks are pointless. Aim for sheet metal or solid wood doors that are sturdy, and get a thick door frame with a reinforced deadbolt. Make sure the door has at least three hinges that are all mounted along the interior of the door.

Talk to the Board About Building-Wide Safety

Condo safety starts outside your own personal home. Take a look at the condo building and think about whether there are any potential safety issues. You can talk to the board if you think other residents are letting in strangers or not bothering to close doors completely when they leave the building. The board can also be a good place to start if you want to discuss the option of installing building-wide security measures.

Lock Your Vehicles, Doors, and Windows

Surprisingly, most condo security intrusions aren’t from people breaking in violently. Instead, the majority of crimes are crimes of opportunity. Thieves go to condo buildings because there’s a high volume of valuable things in a small area of space, and they’ll walk around testing doors to see whether they can easily enter. Just taking the time to lock up everything at all times can keep you from being an easy target for intruders.

One of the smartest things you can do is to work with real estate agents who have in-depth knowledge of the safest neighborhoods and buildings in the area where you’re looking to buy your condo. If you’re looking for experts on every aspect of real estate in downtown San Diego, call on the experienced professionals from 92101 Urban Living. Reach out to us today at 619-649-0368.