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Can Social Media Sell My Downtown San Diego Condo?

By Mike in November 2014 with 0 Comments

Sell-my-downtown-san-diego-condoI was watching a Ted Talk with Gary Vaynerchuk, the majority of the speech was regarding social media marketing and it’s relevance in Real Estate marketing.

This was the first time that I had seen Gary speak and his insight into marketing as a whole, and real estate marketing specifically, is top-notch.One of the key takeaways from the talk were about “marketing in the year that we live in.”

As he expanded into this bullet point, he touched on the topic of social media and real estate, which lead me to ask, “Can social media sell my Downtown San Diego Condo?” The short answer is YES, it will DEFINITELY help the cause.

Social media, at it’s core is not intended to sell a product or service, but it certainly does a great job of spreading awareness and validation to a particular cause, in this case, the sale of your condo. According the Pew Research Project, 74% of all internet users are active on social media. If done correctly, social media can bring the eyes of potential buyers to your property.

The key catalyst to running a successful social media campaign on your Downtown San Diego condo listing is to make sure that you’re using high quality, professional photography. As much as smartphone technology has come along in the last few years, nothing matches the trained eye and lens of a professional real estate photographer. In this day and age, your photos are the first thing that prospective buyers are going to look at. We’ve experimented with sponsored Facebook Posts and Pinterest Boards and we continually see the best response from the high quality photo albums.

When running a social media campaign on any platform, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1) Be sure to speak to the platform that you’re using – This is important. A social media user on Facebook is looking for something different than a user on Twitter or Pinterest. Make sure that you’re telling the story correctly based on the platform that you’re posting on. An average Facebook user is logged on to keep up with their friends and family, so you’ll want to shape your post showcase the lifestyle that comes with your home and how enjoyable your listing would be to live in. Pinterest users are looking for ideas and eye-catching photos, so create a “bathrooms” board or “bedrooms” board and showcase the area of your home that pertains to that board. Instagram users want to see cool/unique photos, so maybe instead of the standard MLS photos, you take a close up of a unique feature of your listing and post that.

2) Remember that nobody likes to be sold – Make sure that you’re adding value with everything that you provide. Sometimes, you might just be providing a link to a great article regarding an upcoming event in your neighborhood, without ever referencing your listing. Be there to add value. The second someone feels that they’re being sold, you’ve lost. Share great photos of your new listing, but you don’t always have to include a “call-to-action” on the post itself. Let the photos do the work.

For more information about using social media to help sell your Downtown San Diego condo, feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to helping you sell your home. ')}