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8 Expensive-Looking Yet Cheap Updates to Make to a Condo

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

Whether you are trying to get a higher selling price or just want to impress your friends, it’s nice to have a condo that looks more expensive than it actually is. Many people who own condos in Gaslamp Quarter are surprised to learn they don’t need costly renovations to make their homes look fancier. If you want to make your condo seem pricier without breaking the bank, try these eight tips.

1. Switch Out Your Hardware

These tiny changes can make a big difference, and most drawer pulls and knobs only cost a few dollars. Get rid of out-of-date brushed steel and add some class with bronze, ceramic, or crystal hardware. To keep it looking elegant, try to pick hardware that coordinates nicely with your cabinets and doors.

2. Install a Backsplash

Basic condo kitchens sometimes look a little generic. Installing a backsplash adds some individuality and color to a kitchen, but it is not as expensive as many other customized renovations. This fun little DIY project often costs under $100 and can be done in a weekend.

3. Choose Unified Décor

Interior design is an important part of making a space look expensive. Try to get rid of clutter and stick to a simple color scheme. You can make things match just by repainting old furniture or picking up throw pillows in a print that ties together different pieces of furniture.

4. Beautify Light Switches and Outlets

When it comes to making a condo look pricier, the tiny details matter. A nice room can look cheap when it has dingy, yellowed outlet and light switch covers. New ones are usually quite affordable, or you can use a little elbow grease to remove and scrub all covers and switches until they look new again.

5. Add Lighting

Many condos come with rather lackluster lighting options that make the space look dim and dated. Picking your own lighting and finding a few stylish, budget-friendly lamps can brighten up the space and make it look more luxurious.

6. Consider Tile Reglazing

Nothing cheapens a condo more than a dingy bathroom with outdated tile colors like mustard or salmon. You can hire a tile reglazing service to change the color of the tiles. At a few hundred dollars, this option is a little more expensive than others on this list, but it is far cheaper than retiling a bathroom.

7. Hang Framed Art

Bare walls or a few pinned-up posters in a condo can make it look more like a cheap college apartment. Pick artwork that matches your décor scheme, and find inexpensive yet attractive frames at IKEA or flea markets.

8. Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

For just a few dollars and a few days of work, you can make your condo walls look brand new. Nothing changes the feel of a room more than a coat of new paint. To make it look more expensive, avoid harsh or overly bright colors. Go with muted jewel tones or soft neutrals instead.

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