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Choosing the Right Downtown Condo

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle|June 2014 with 0 Comments

In the process of “shopping” for a Downtown condo, the choices the buyer makes can determine the success or failure in the process.   First and foremost the buyer needs to fall in love with the property.  We have a joke around the office, that when deciding on a condo in Downtown San Diego, the buyer needs to have a smile on their face every time they turn the key.  As a Downtown San Diego Realtor, I am looking for that smile as a first impression.  I am looking for the buyer to “connect” with the space and enjoy the viewing experience.  We often encourage buyers to trust their gut first.  If they are prepared well initially with the analytical information to classify a Downtown Condo type…they can rely on how the space feels as a home and not get caught up as much on the listing details (ie. square footage, upgrades, design, etc).   Interestingly enough, the criteria for choosing a Downtown Condo seems to differ between our female and male clients.   In the CAR video above it ranks the percentage of the most important criteria for both men and women buyers. In relation to Downtown San Diego, the criteria is just a tad different as a result of the product, location, and lifestyle.   Below are some of the top priorities that we have seen from our male and female buyers when choosing a Downtown Condo.


Security:  Both the complex and neighborhood must have a perception of being safe

Floorplan: Women tend to like open floor plans.  Units that have a “light and bright” feel with a touch of contemporary design are most popular.

Turn Key Home: Many women buyers are not looking for a project that involves a ton of upgrades.  A Downtown condo with a “move in ready” criteria is high desirable.

Closet Space/Storage: Large Closets and even extra storage will always be a priority for a Downtown Condo



Location and Neighborhood:  Neighborhoods with central locations to work, live, and play are always very popular.

Complex Amenities: Complexes with nice gyms, pools, and roof top deck areas always catch the eye of a guy in Downtown San Diego

Patio Space for a Grille: The lack of being able to have a BBQ on an outside patio space can be a deal breaker for a-lot of guys.

Square Footage:  It’s not always the actual square footage, but the feeling of space that is appealing.   A Downtown Condo unit needs to feel open and spacious.