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Items to Clear Out Before Moving

By Mike in Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Moving into a new Downtown San Diego loft or condo is the perfect opportunity to rid your life of clutter. Taking the time to weed out damaged, outdated, and unused items before planning your move will cut your relocation costs and keep your new abode looking pristine and organized. Most moving companies will charge you for their services according to the assessed weight or volume of your haul. The more you get rid of now the cheaper these services will be. Following are some of the top items to unload along with environmentally friendly tips for discarding them.

Things You Haven’t Used in Two or More Years

Before you start boxing things up, do a quick inspection and look for crafting materials, extra linens, and other items you haven’t used in several years. Odds are if you haven’t used an item in two or more years, you probably won’t use it further down the road either. Box these things up and drop them off at a local thrift shop or other charity.

Damaged Furnishings

If you have furniture that is currently in a state of disrepair, stop promising yourself that you’ll fix these things up and donate them instead. Post them on an online classified site for free and you’ll find countless people who are willing to come and take them off your hands. In a new environment you want to start fresh, rather than bringing coffee tables and nightstands that have to be propped up or balanced with books to keep them from wobbling.

Stale Wardrobe Pieces

Stop hauling around clothes you haven’t worn for years or no longer fit. Giving these to a local charity is a great way to help people who will actually use these items. It will also free up more closet space in your new Downtown San Diego condo for garments that are modern, fashionable, and perfect for your body right now. Clothes that are stained, ripped, or otherwise in disrepair can be used to wrap fragile items when packing or cut up and used for rags when cleaning out your old unit.

Remodel Your Life

Engulfed by the smell of fresh paint and able to enjoy the seamless efficiency of brand new appliances, most people can’t help but to spend a little time shopping for new home items. Although you might be tempted to haul every single item in your old home to your new unit, account for the fact that you’ll want to invest in new items that perfectly complement your new living environment. If you have furnishings, personal items, and clothing that you regularly use and that are in good working order, try not to toss them out until you know that you’re financially ready to replace them. Otherwise, clear out as much clutter as you can so that your new space maintains its fresh and unsullied appeal for as long as possible.

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