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Hoarding on Warning Road Sign.

Let’s start the new year out right and be clutter free in 2015! Getting rid of random clutter in your home can sometimes be the hardest task because we tend to get attached to “things.” I am very guilty of this! When was the last time you wore those glasses that have the wrong prescription? You live in San Diego, do you really need that winter parka? How long will you keep hoping you fit into those size 2 jeans you have been hanging on to? It is time to clean out these unused items, throw them in the trash or donate them to a local thrift shop. When living in small spaces like a loft or a condo in Downtown San Diego we need to keep our “things” to a minimum. Here is a list of 50 items to toss out, recycle, or donate now.


  1. Clothes that do not fit you.
  2. Clothes you have not worn in the past year.
  3. Scarves you do not wear.
  4. Glasses with the wrong prescription.
  5. Broken Glasses.
  6. All condiment packets (Mustard, Ketchup, Salt, Pepper, etc.).
  7. Broken pens or pens without ink.
  8. Old newspapers.
  9. Rubber bands.
  10. Plastic cutlery.
  11. Used red solo cups.
  12. Miss-matched socks.
  13. Last year’s sunblock.
  14. When was the last time you used that waffle iron?
  15. Miss-matched tupperware.
  16. Broken tupperware.
  17. Random electrical cords.
  18. Expired or plain old make up.
  19. Magazines over 2 months old.
  20. Old packs of gum.
  21. Old Candy.
  22. Uncomfortable shoes.
  23. Shoes that you haven’t worn in the last five years.
  24. Greeting cards with no sentimental value.
  25. Broken umbrellas.
  26. Expired coupons.
  27. Old mobile phones and electronics.
  28. Last year’s Calendar.
  29. Cardboard food boxes.
  30. Wire hangers.
  31. Old dish sponges.
  32. Kid’s clothing that is too small.
  33. Old spices.
  34. Unidentified frozen objects.
  35. Movies that you no longer love.
  36. Your mass collection of coffee mugs.
  37. Kitchen utensils you never use.
  38. Vases you never use.
  39. Unread books.
  40. Scan your receipts then toss them.
  41. The nearly empty ice cream container in your freezer.
  42. The ratty towel being used as a bath mat.
  43. The stockpile of grocery bags under your sink.
  44. Piles of old tickets, passes, concerts, etc.
  45. Old cookbooks you haven’t opened in two years.
  46. Hobby supplies for hobbies you have given up.
  47. Old textbooks.
  48. Expired medicines.
  49. Empty alcohol bottles.
  50. Instruction manuals for appliances you know how to use.