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Important Checklist for Maintaining Your Condo

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With condominium units currently in high demand, people who own condos in Core San Diego should pay close attention to their maintenance. Even in a seller’s market, house hunters tend to be very picky in terms of how condos have been maintained. Taking good care of a condo unit goes beyond paying for the mandatory HOA maintenance fee each month. Here is a checklist every condo owner should follow for the purpose of retaining the property’s value.

Safety Items

Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, door locks, and surveillance cameras should be checked for proper functioning every few months. This is a huge benefit for both yourself and a potential buyer.

HVAC System

Proper climate control and indoor air quality should be maintained at all times to prevent costly issues such as moisture and mold. All vents and filters should be checked every six months, particularly if a clothes dryer is operated inside the unit.


Keeping drains clear and clean is a simple maintenance task that can be performed once or twice a year by pouring cleaning fluid down the shower, tub, sink, laundry, and dishwasher drains. An organic solution can be made with two cups of vinegar mixed with two cups of baking soda for all drains in the unit.


House hunters tend to be partial to condo units with nice views, and there are quite a few of these in the downtown San Diego area. Every few months, clean the frames and glass of your windows. You should also inspect your windows and balconies for cracks that may affect the functioning of HVAC systems.

Pest Control

Keeping your condo free of pests is something the HOA tends to take care of. However, if you have plants or pets, you may want to invest in annual pest control inspections.

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