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What Should You Do If Your Condo Isn’t Selling?

By Mike in Home Selling with 0 Comments

Condos often sell quickly, but the modern real estate market can be a little uncertain, which can end up causing a homeowner to be stuck with an unneeded property that simply does not attract any buyers. If your downtown San Diego condo isn’t selling, take some additional measures to ensure you can find a market.

Make Some Upgrades

If you are getting a lot of buyers who look at the condo but do not express any interest, you might need to make some changes to the property. Sellers typically prefer to avoid investing more money into a property they are trying to get rid of, but it is often necessary if you want to sell. Simple upgrades like new lighting, better faucets, and fancier knobs and handles can make a big difference. If you are in a market with a lot of luxury properties, you may want to consider even more impressive upgrades, such as heated bathroom floors, new countertops, or hardwood flooring.

Lower the Price

Even if the market seems hot for sellers, having too high of a listing price could cause some issues. Many agents will not bother to show clients properties too far outside of their desired price range, so your condo might be getting overlooked if it costs a lot more than other comparable properties. Look at the other condos for sale in the area to try and sort out a more reasonable price for your property.

Boost Your Online Marketing

In the modern real estate market, a lot of buyers tend to look for properties online and only view those that look nice in an online listing. Since the first impression of your pictures makes a huge difference to buyers, it pays to invest in great advertising photos. Make sure to get a professional photographer who can emphasize your home’s best features.

Enhance Your Staging

Showing your condo with everyday items or without anything in it at all could be a huge mistake. Some buyers will not put an offer on a condo unless it looks like a place they can imagine themselves living in. To interest buyers and get the condo sold quicker, it is best to have neutral, stylish, and functional furniture and décor. Hire a stager and rent home furnishings to make it look more appealing.

Find a New Real Estate Agent

A condo that is priced correctly, nicely maintained, and properly advertised may still fail to attract buyers if the person handling the sale is off-putting. Agents who seem impatient, annoyed, rude, or bland may have difficulty getting buyers interested in your home. Select a 92101 real estate agent who seems pleasant, knowledgeable, and friendly. The buyers will be working with the agent to finalize the sale, so he or she needs to be someone who gets along well with others.

Whether you’re trying to sell condos in Marina San Diego, lofts in Cortez Hill, or penthouses in East Village, it’s important to have a trusted local agent on your side who knows the market. Reach out to 92101 Urban Living today at 619-649-0368, and one of our friendly agents would be happy to assist you. ')}