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Summer To-Do List: Must-Try Craft Brews from TJ

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Tijuana’s beer scene has blossomed as of late, with over 20 new tap rooms serving more than 90 varieties of craft beer. The best part is that a pint runs around 60 pesos ($3.25) on a normal day and most bars have a 10-peso discount on Tap Tuesdays. Check out the list below, put together by our trusted real estate brokers in downtown San Diego, for some of the best TJ craft beers to try this summer.

1. La Revulution by Azteca Craft Brewing

This summery beer is perfect for those stifling hot days. It’s a pink blonde ale, which means it is a strawberry-infused version of Azteca’s regular blonde ale. It is the lightest beer the brewery offers and tastes fruity without being too sweet.

2. FAKE Lager by Paralelo 28

Despite its amber color, this beer is surprisingly light and fresh. It contains neither hops nor malt, so it goes down nice and easy on a hot day. The flavor is subtle, like a slightly sour Czech pilsner, making it great for easy drinking on a patio with friends.

3. Beso Polaco by Border Psycho Brewery

Like the name suggests, this beer is a Polish Gratzer (ale) brewed with oak wood-smoked wheat malt. This gives it a unique flavor similar to a dry Lambic that almost tastes like smoked sausages. At just 2.7 percent alcohol, you can drink a few of these on even the most sweltering summer days.

4. Honey Orange by Cerveza Legion

This sunny, bright beer will fulfill all your fruity beer wishes. It starts out tasting strongly of orange, then like gummy worms, then finishes off with a chicharron flavor. Try this one alongside some delicious food to find out why it’s a bestseller.

5. Caracol by Cerveza Fauna

If your stomach can take it in the summer heat, give this saison a try. At 6.9 percent alcohol, you can nurse this one all night. It’s surprisingly light and fruity to please your palate.

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