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Current Development Projects Getting Started in Downtown San Diego test

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Current Development Projects Getting Started in Downtown San DiegoRecently, a few of my Downtown San Diego Real Estate clients have been asking about the new construction projects that are starting up in the East Village. While I was aware that there were no new residential condo buildings being built for at least a few years to come, I wasn’t sure about the commercial or apartment rental projects. One quick trip to the Centre City Development Corporation website was able to answer my questions (www.ccdc.com). The CCDC website is a great resource to anyone in the Downtown San Diego Real Estate market to use and learn about the upcoming projects effecting downtown. They have an interactive map that will allow you to see the approved commercial, residential, and public use projects by neighborhood.

Currently, two new residential rental apartment buildings have broken ground in the East Village. The first is a 6 story apartment building on 10th Ave between Island and J St.  Tentatively called Urbana, the building will house storefronts/restaurants on the ground floor with 5 floors of apartment rentals above; no estimated completion date has been reported. The second is a similar project located on Market and 13th Ave across the street from the current Albertson’s Supermarket, no name or completion date has been set for this project either, although it seems to be near the structural completion point. The Market & 13th project is being developed by local developers Oliver McMillan, who have already completed four other loft/apartment buildings throughout Downtown San Diego. Take some time and visit the CCDC website and learn about the upcoming projects that are planned for your neighborhood. ')}