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5 Tips for Decluttering Your Home If You Plan to Sell It

By Mike in Selling Tips with 0 Comments

One of the top tips for those selling real estate in 92101 is to remove clutter. Tidying up a property lets buyers focus on the home’s positive features without being distracted by a mess. If you have been living in the same location for a while, decluttering may be easier said than done. Use these tips to make the decluttering process as quick and easy as possible.

1. Start Early

Trying to rush around and get rid of clutter the hour before an open house will likely stress you out and make you forget things you need to clean. Depending on the state of your apartment, you may need several days to get rid of clutter. It is generally best to remove clutter before your agent takes listing photos for the home. To get started on removing clutter, begin looking at items and decide if you want to keep them in the home while selling it, get rid of them, or store them until the sale is complete.

2. Define Clutter

You need to determine what counts as clutter. There is obvious clutter like outdated clothes, broken electronics, and dying houseplants, but there are also objects that could get in the way of a sale even though they might not technically be clutter. Things like personal keepsakes, extra dishes, framed photos, toiletries, or unnecessary appliances might distract buyers. This type of clutter still needs to be removed even if you want to keep it in the long run.

3. Ask for a Second Opinion

It can be difficult to identify and remove clutter when you are used to seeing it every day. Many sellers find it helpful to get their agent or a friend involved in the decluttering process. A second person can take a fresh look at the home and point out areas of clutter you might have missed.

4. Get Temporary Storage

Even normal storage areas like closets need to be cleared of clutter so buyers can see the size of these areas. If you cannot declutter your home without shoving all your belongings into closets, you may need to consider temporary storage solutions. Some sellers move belongings to a new home, while others store their items at a friend’s house or a commercial storage unit.

5. Use Containers to Control Clutter

Any collection of small items scattered across a surface will be automatically viewed as clutter when a buyer is glancing around a room. You can reduce the appearance of clutter while still making a home look realistically lived-in by selecting the proper containers. For example, you might want to consider getting a basket for magazines, a pencil cup for writing utensils, and a rack for spices.

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