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Everything You Should Know About Children’s Park

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According to a 2016 analysis of 100 American metro areas by U.S. News & World Report, San Diego is in the top 25 in relation to quality of life. San Diego is great place for the entire family. Attractions such as SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo are often mentioned in this regard, but there’s a spot in downtown at Front Street and Island Avenue that also deserves to be mentioned.

Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, Children’s Park was inaugurated in 1996 as part of the city’s hosting duties during the Republican National Convention. Children’s Park is part of a collection of downtown fixtures such as the Convention Center, the Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade, and the New Children’s Museum. This public park is very close to a few condominium towers, and thus families who reside in those buildings often visit it.

Here are some of the highlights of Children’s Park.

A Playful Design

This large park is wide open and features mounds and small hills that children enjoy when they play hide and seek or when they run across them. Ducks often visit the large fountain with an art sculpture. The benches are located along walking paths and under shade trees. The park’s playground equipment is complemented by other playsets located across Island Avenue. The total area of the park measures more than two acres, which also prompts families to bring their dogs.

Easy Access

For people who own condos in Marina San Diego, Children’s Park is right around the corner. Public and paid parking areas are located near the promenade. The park can also be accessed by means of the San Diego Trolley lines, which stop every 15 minutes at various locations along Harbor Drive.


The park has large sections of grass and wildflower mounds. Most of the trees are tall species of Canary Islands pines, which have matured nicely over the last few years. This small forest in the middle of downtown San Diego is ideal for cooling off during summer afternoons.


Families who visit Children’s Park on the weekend often make a point of adding visits to nearby attractions. The New Children’s Museum is the one of the most visited attractions thanks to its climbable sculptures and numerous activities. There’s also the waterfront Seaport Village for dining and entertainment as well as the nearby Westfield Horton Plaza for shopping.

The Future of Children’s Park

According to a November 2016 news report published by the San Diego Union Tribune, Children’s Park is expected to undergo major renovations. At this time, the park lacks restroom facilities, which is something residents who own Marina San Diego real estate would like to see, in addition to a separate area for dogs and a splash pool since the current rules for using the fountain forbid wading.

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