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Will Painting Your Home Increase Its Value?

By Mike in Miscellaneous with 0 Comments

The top home renovations have a few things in common: they’re relatively simple and inexpensive, but with a visible impact. For instance, a fresh paint job is an upgrade potential buyers notice right when they walk through the door, and people looking for condos, penthouses, and lofts in Columbia District San Diego tend to love the look of a nice, move-in ready living space.

An Easy and Low-Cost Home Makeover

Compared to kitchen remodeling and other high-cost renovations, painting tends to deliver a greater return on investment. By boosting the attractiveness of a home, a new paint job may even increase the selling speed if it is mentioned alongside other improvements in your home’s listing.

Homes Need to Be Painted Often

Houses are judged by their looks, and a faded paint job can make buyers perceive your house as poorly maintained. Walls don’t necessarily need to be repainted every few years to keep up a fresh look, but it can’t hurt. The fresher the paint job the better if you want to make your home more appealing to buyers. Unless you just repainted within the last year, you probably should paint at least a few walls when you put your house on the market.

Quality Matters

Television commercials love to show young couples painting their homes and having a great time thanks to some fancy new tool. In reality, painting can be difficult and involves skilled labor. Slight imperfections like patchy places or stray paint on the shutters or ceiling can sometimes be worse than leaving things as they are. Increased home value comes from a fresh, crisp, professional look that makes the house appear newer and in better condition.

Is Painting a House Ever a Negative?

Though there’s rarely a situation where painting can hurt a home’s value, it may not be a top priority. The more blemished or faded the walls look now, the more value you will get out of painting them. If they currently look fine, consider allotting your renovation budget elsewhere. If your gut tells you the look of your home is affecting the value, painting it can help. It’s a straightforward and valuable upgrade that shows buyers the property is well kept.

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