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Little Italy Hoping for a New Dog Park

By Mike in Downtown San Diego Urban Lifestyle with 0 Comments

Little Italy Residents can Look Forward to a New Dog Park

Citing a deficiency in public space, Downtown San Diego residents in Little Italy are rallying together to support the development of a new dog park at Beech Street and Kettner Boulevard, as opposed to the construction of a new high-rise building. The proposed area for the park was formerly held by the historic Star Builder’s supply building. County officials are currently accepting bids on this land as neighborhood groups like the Star Dog Park Coalition organize events and stage other campaigns to gain attention for their cause and stake claim to the available land.

Little Italy Dog Parks

Amici Park on Date Street has an open field that many dog owners in Little Italy are currently using as a recreational space for their pets. Unfortunately, this space is not sufficient for accommodating the large number of dogs in the Little Italy neighborhood. Moreover, it isn’t an official off-leash site and does not provide animals with the same freedoms that they would enjoy in a structured dog park. Little Italy is currently home to approximately 2,500 dogs and yet, there are few off-leash areas for dogs to run and play.

Second Attempt for a Little Italy Dog Park in Three Years

A similar proposal was made in 2012 with community members appealing for the demolition of the historic Star Builder’s supply building in favor of a new dog park. However, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted against the demolition. Now that the land is currently free of development and up for bid, advocates for a community dog park have fewer obstacles to hurdle. In addition to providing much-needed recreational space for local dogs and their owners, many advocates say that a new dog park will additionally create a much greater sense of community.

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